Challenge 1: 

This is my first design for the Adobe XD Challenge. I was inspired by Suad Kamardeen on Unsplash and her beautiful photo. The colors had life and richness that I extracted to draw the user to register. Please check it out! Thanks!
Challenge 2: 

Ease and simplicity continue to be the forefront of the tablet and mobile designs. 
Challenge 3: 

I created a photo album app that is mostly visual and focused on highlighting albums from the past. As phone memory continues to expand, I thought it might be cool to reengage with past albums while making sure you still have access to the latest set. I saw a lot of potential for new ideas!
Challenge 4: 

Creating a taxi service app is incredibly interesting. There are so many interactions to account for that I could have spent months working on it! Kudos to all the designers out there working on ways to make the Uber app a great experience.
Challenge 5: 

I wanted dynamic shapes to be the focal point of the eBook challenge. It was a great opportunity to experience what goes into a digital book library.
Challenge 6: 

I really enjoy designing product pages so this challenge was especially fun. Choosing a product and validating that choice through reviews and ratings is an important part of the process. I aimed to make it simple to write a review and still be able to see the product, without needing to scroll down to a new section in the page.
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